The Metropolitan Museum of Art: The Megatron of Galleries

Flashback to Friday¬†last week – to my first foray into the Megatron of Art Galleries – the Metropolitan Museum of Art or as it’s affectionately known, the Met.

Megatron (Transformers)

Megatron (Transformers) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mum – Megatron is a really, really big Transformer. He’s kind of bad, which the Met clearly isn’t. But he has the ability to shift into different things depending on what universe he’s in – kind of like the Met, which is so big and diverse you could easily have a different experience of it every time you go there. But more on that later.

I was implored by a dear friend to venture out after having spent the week in bed and I suspect, after complaining profusely of boredom (I know, how can you be bored in NYC? Well, spend a week after week within the same four walls and you can be bored anywhere, bay-bee!). It happened to be the one day that a very disturbed man let loose on his ex-boss at the Empire State Building so of course Midtown was completely shut down as they assessed the situation.

My guide-to-getting-everywhere, the iPhone app HopStop suggested I take 3 buses to get there. I begged to differ, chose to wait a half hour instead and the subways opened up again. Hey presto!

My first glimpse of the gallery was like a vision at the end of a long residential street. Spectacular.


This was probably the second time I experienced the giddy feeling I got when I first got to New York. The girly, excited, ants in your pants “I can’t believe I’m really here” kind of feeling that lets you know instantly you are exactly where you are meant to be. I was so glad to have been ordered out of the house, even though I didn’t feel quite 100% it didn’t matter anymore.

The building itself is sensational – built in the 19th century – it is a work of art in itself. I took these in a stairwell – so this is just one tiny corner of the fabulousness that is ALL OVER the damn place.





If you’re visiting New York you definitely need a day (or two if you can) to get around to all of the exhibits that comprehensively span the continents, centuries, ideologies in a seemingly endless corridor, room after room. I’m planning on visiting regularly to take it all in. As it was I let my mood dictate the exhibits I visited. I think I saw about 15% of what was there in 4 hours.

You definitely need refreshment stops. And bring your camera. Possibly the most surprising part of my visit was that you are ALLOWED to take pictures of the artwork and exhibits. Obviously not with flash (though I saw lots of people do it anyway). I thought it was nice of the Met to allow it, but in another way I wondered how much you could really enjoy an artwork if all you did was point and shoot at it then go on to the next one and do the same (saw so many people doing this!). You could have just picked up a book!?

Here are some of my favourite visions from the day:







The last picture, the painting, is of Joan of Arc. I found myself drawn to several representations of her scattered throughout the gallery, different styles, times and places, and when it occurred to me, I thought it was a lovely coincidence and reminder of the strength I have.

It’s not so much that I feel I’ve forgotten my strength but that I haven’t been living in it. Using it to create change. In the last week, SO MUCH has already changed. So I like to think maybe Joan’s little wink at me made all the difference.

Now I’m paying it forward: remember your strength today. If you feel like you’ve forgotten where it is be sure to keep your eyes open so you don’t miss the wink I’m sending your way.



Subway Fail – Meet Shopping Fail

To the various forms of transportation in NYC

Today, once more, I succumbed to your temptation despite the rain and attempted to use the subway.

This was with somewhat hilarious results as I attempted, and failed, to get to Greenpoint via the M line. Which for the record is not really possible because it’s on the G line.

I actually have to confess, I did end up on Manhattan island at one point, then I caught a new train – the F – which I have never caught before.

And as a result found some marvellous “99c Shops” (Aussies – this is exactly what it sounds like it is so I won’t explain) and bought some of my aforementioned essential items for home making, plus wandered around possibly the most Jewish area in Williamsburg and felt very inappropriately dressed in leopard print pants.


Leopard Print jeans from Switchblade Stiletto… Macbook by Apple

In the interest of creating a reliable document for people of the future who are using this blog as their holy scripture I feel I need to be as descriptive as possible Рto avoid unfortunate misinterpretations that have plagued others in the past.

Essential item acquisitions:

– a saucepan with a lip so I can boil and pour water, and possibly even poach eggs in it if I feel so inclined

– a bread knife and cutting board

– two mugs (thought about buying just one – but that would mean sharing and mornings are not a good time to ask me to share anything) and some stainless steel teaspoons

– white vinegar and a spray bottle (useful for cleaning just about anything)

Feeling accomplished, I picked up some bagels and instant coffee and got home just before it decided to bucket down with rain again. Thought I’d done some good today. Flushed a few tissues down the loo and presto! It’s blocked. So hubby will have to pick up a plunger on the way home.


Yep, that’s right. Another essential item. No amount of poking wispy bits of toilet paper down what you can reach with a stick is going to clear a blocked toilet. Not even if you add vinegar.

Too much information?