Wild is the Wind

Original album art.

This incredible song, originally with vocal by Nina Simone, is the soundtrack to my morning today. Written for a film, from an album by the same name, and repurposed by so many others including my father in another universe David Bowie.

I can understand an artist’s obsession with their craft when I sit here and I try to write how this song makes me feel.

It would not be enough to retype the bittersweet lyrics. To describe the melancholy passion of her voice, or the sparse, rich soundscape of the score.

My pitiful grasp of this language is not worthy of such a task. But this is my tribute to a song. May you be wild at heart, and free to live as you choose.


Dear @LenaDunham of @GIRLSHBO

Dear Lena,

I am aware we have never met, and in fact my writing an online etude to your brilliance will likely get me a) banned from your immediate vicinity and b) laughed at by many of my (20) readers.


I feel compelled to write to you in order to appeal to your ego and in one equally exacting stroke, your compassion.

Tonight I have trussed myself up to impress the hipsters down the road in order to get a job. And I was forced to wonder why when I could be doing the very same, for you! So here I go.

I would do anything to help you create the mint encrusted lamb chop that is GIRLS. I will sit and listen to no end of vitriolic ear bashing. I am well versed in both taking and giving copious amounts of grief, should you require a third party proxy to assist with dealing with the series stakeholders. I make an excellent vodka+lemonade and cheese on toast.

I also live in Brooklyn and have an amusing Australian accent. If all else fails, I will record voicemail messages for all your friends phones in exchange for a small fee, or cameo on your program.

I also have an endless amount of material for you to mine, having possibly dated the most colourful collection of men since Ali Baba and the 40 thieves.

My friend Natalia says to tell you she loves your foul mouth and awkward sex scenes.

I am serious!



The Slope, The Sofas – Success!

SO today was all about the sofa.

I wanted to get a sofa that H would like – because if he doesn’t he tends to lie in bed when he gets home and it’s kind of annoying.

In that “where’s my shirt – right there/can’t you ever wear shoes/gets on your nerves after years of living together/I may stab you to death with a teaspoon one day” kind of way.

So the dream is – really – to have a sofa area that will be a bit of a refuge from the storms of the day. Somewhere nice to rest. Somewhere maybe a bit like this?


I found this inspiration on Pinterest but seeing as they never credited the source, I can’t cite it. Let it be known that I would if I could.

So i found a one year old leather sofa on Craigslist – actually 2 x sofas, and went to see the lovely Samantha who owns them all the way over in Parkslope – a rather attractive end of Brooklyn that has rather fancy schmancy stores.

I saw these things on the way:

Town Car.jpg

The interior of Jimmy’s town car SUV. Aussies – a town car is like a really clean, nice privately owned taxi that has a set price – the town car ride that cost me $16 today would have easily cost me $45 in Sydney.


Buses going down a slope. There were four. I was too slow to turn my iPhone sideways.


My first glimpse of the STATUE OF LIBERTY!!! Far left for those in the back.


The Brooklyn Casket Co. Not sure I need to see again but liked the eeriness of the guy in the window.


Beautiful, leafy Parkslope. Reminded me of Woollahra.

And finally, when I got to Samantha’s place, I saw these two beauties:


Love me some LEATHER

They have a soft, deep seat that is pleasant to linger on. I didn’t but I did love the moment I spent on it awkwardly trying not to acknowledge the fact it was now up to my butt (does anyone else find that a bit weird? Oh, do I want it? Lets see what my butt has to say about it”) but that’s what the H asked for – for me to test it out.

For the record, Samantha was a rather lovely Irish girl, and nothing like Samantha from Sex and the City, though I suppose if she was a raging hornbag I probably wouldnt know.

Unless that invitation to have a cup of tea meant she wanted something more than just tea?


The blank canvas

Having arrived a full month ahead of me to start his job whilst I wrapped up hubby found us this little beauty in the gradually gentrifying (is that a word?) but still slightly grungy end of Williamsburg.

Yes, it’s a (how shall I say), lively end of the neighbourhood but we have a terrific newly renovated warehouse apartment with huge ceilings and a backyard so… whatever. I am also loving the baptist church two doors down that has serenaded me with gospel all day today. (Note – this task has been taken over by a female opera singer in another residence this evening. Loving it!)

This is what we’re starting with here kids.

The floorplan. As you can see there’s a large open space in the middle and stairs (top left) head down to our little garden/courtyard area. The square area in front of the balcony is where we look down on our lovely neighbour’s yard. We’re lucky, they’re lovely, or it could have been awkward!

Right now there is literally NO furniture in the main area. In the bedroom we have a bed – obviously essential and bought by hubby from IKEA before I got here. It’s not very exciting so I’m not going to show you.

The lofted ceilings and polished cement floors are beautiful, so I’m looking forward to decorating 🙂

The hardest thing to deal with right now is the absence of anywhere suitable to sit – especially to blog! Hubby is fine to lie in bed all day but I hate it. So I’ve been repurposing a few “found” items:

Excellent desk set up.. until your bottom goes numb

I think based on this predicament the first thing to do is buy some alternative seating. Sofa seems like an expensive and difficult decision to make first off so I decided to purchase some (padded) stools for the breakfast bar/counter you can see behind my fancy desk pictured above. I found these gorgeous stools on West Elm – and loved them – AND THEY WERE ON SALE. Put them in my shopping cart (thought I’d better ask hubby before buying) only to return an hour later and they were sold out 😦

NOTE TO SELF: Don’t ask husband’s permission. Just buy next time.

I decided, in desperation, to get these instead. They go against my primary philosophy in buying homewares (I find vinyl cheap and cheerful – I know it’s snobby) but thought at least the white wouldn’t add visual clutter to the beautiful open space.

Nova White Saddle Cushioned Seat 24-inch Barstools from overstock.com

So that’s the first major furniture purchase done with. In 5-7 days we will have stools. Until then, my sore bottom says hello, goodbye, and thanks for stopping by.

Can I get an Amen, and a Hallelujah.