Things your mother never taught you

There are so many things you need to know as a woman. Things your mother never taught you, while she was busy teaching you all the other essential skills for daily life.

Things like:

– how to stretch your end of pay cycle dollar to include something new to wear to that date/event/outing and a mani-pedi – my favourite is forgoing real food and living off what’s left in the fridge.

– alternatively to the above, how to give yourself a great mani-pedi/wax/facial when you can’t afford to go to the salon

– how to find a great gynaecologist, psychologist/psychiatrist, lawyer

– how important it is to know how to get yourself off so you don’t have to rely on a partner to do it for you

– that the order in which you achieve the following is completely negotiable, and more to the point, their inclusion in your life is also up to you: marriage, mortgage, baby, career


What did you learn that your mother never taught you?


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