Style Inspiration: Living Spaces

Hey readers, long time no see 🙂

Despite being a little ill I’ve been busying myself with little bits and pieces but sadly, nothing blog worthy.

The biggest news I have is that I am attending BlogHer ’12 – a blogging conference at the biggest, swankiest Hilton Hotel in NYC – this week – and hope to come back full of pics and inspiration for you guys! One of the highlights is the big man himself – President Obama – is addressing the conference via LIVE video link tomorrow afternoon. I cannot wait. Yes I am a serious dag. I know.

In other news, I have been scouring the internet for inspiration as our blank canvas – despite having a skeleton of basic furniture, is still looking rather bare!

I’ve posted some inspiration below and am sporadically trawling the internet for great deals on huge mirrors, curtains, cushions, and art – let me know if you see anything that could help!

Loft apartment design by Nispel.

Love the fireplace in the image above as focal point and the use of light, neutral shades to keep the space open, with accent colours to add interest.

LOVE the huge mirror/fireplace combo in this image from .

In the image above, the design really uses the vertical space without beating you over the head with too much detail. The oversized indoor plant works for me too! Again, breezy neutrals and pops of colour – the rug is beautiful – shame it would have butt-kiss chance in my home of staying that way!

Image from

These two toned, full-length curtains really maximise on the height of the ceiling and tie in beautifully with the colour of the sofa. No, I couldn’t do the exact same thing (choc brown stripes in a curtain.. umm. noooo) but I would love to replicate the sheer quality of the curtain and possibly have the fabric integrate some kind of detail in the “feature colour” I pick… BUT HOW DO I DECIDE ON JUST ONE COLOUR???? I’m your typical Gemini, so clearly a decision like that is never going to stick. I think I’ll keep colour to the accessories – cushions, vases, table cloth etc., so I can change them up as much as I like!

I am also telepathically sending out an intention to the universe that I would like grand, oversized objects to furnish the living area with. The first thing that came through was this excellent and almost the size of me black enamel lamp (sans shade) which WORKS! It was just sitting on the side of the road as my neighbour and I strolled up to the local hardware.

Stealing garbage from the Williamsburg Projects. That’s how I roll.

Positive – have a new lamp. Negative – have to find a shade. What the hell shade do you put on a black enamel lamp?

The h gets his monthly paycheck soon which means SHOPPING TIME.. Which means blogging time..

But now, I’m going to celebrate this stormy old NYC afternoon the way it was intended: