Storage solutions for small bedrooms

I have finally tired of living out of a suitcase and have started researching storage solutions for the bedroom.

Yes we have (one) built in – but seeing as the h likes to wear primarily t-shirts and jeans – he needs an inordinate amount of drawer space.

I also have an inordinate amount of tank tops and work out gear, along with my smalls and other adorables that need to be carefully folded and placed into drawers. Well.. we’ll just assume for now they stay that way.

My first instinct was to look at storage platform beds – hoping that a drawer that literally pulled out in front of him would encourage him to put things IN it rather than leave on the floor.

Sean Yoo’s Matera Bed from Design Within Reach. Stunning. Also exxy: over $5K – OUCH. DESIGN NOT WITHIN MY REACH. Sadly. Found it on Apartment Therapy – a great site with lots of excellent shopping tips!

So I tracked down some more affordable options in a similar spirit – still a considerable price for what will essentially house Michael’s t-shirts and thongs (Translated: FLIP FLOPS, you dirty birds!)

This one, from Blu Dot, I love because you can customise not only the wood stain but the colours of your drawers – either a stylish neutral contrast or an eye-popping colour – which would look AMAZING against our polished concrete floors.

Blu Dot Modulicious King bed – shown with white drawers. Looks awesome with red or teal. Still an investment piece at $2249.

I headed over to the clearance house and found some cheaper (if a little nattier) versions priced between $400 and $600, but the idea of sleeping on a potentially lower quality bed base with a partner who is as tall and ahem adequately sized as the h concerns me a little.

Plus I remembered, he doesn’t like to bend down, for ANY reason.

In fact, it’s how his mother used to hide junk food from him – in the bottom shelf of the pantry. It is so below his radar (har, har!) it literally doesn’t occur to him to look there. This is why piles of dirty clothes can literally stay on the floor for weeks during my wifely duties strikes and he will not notice – once the item has left his hands, et voila! It’s invisible! I know, I’m blessed to have such a gifted husband. Yes he’s available for birthdays, bar mitzvahs, …

So I am now looking at alternatives to the storage bed. One idea would be to use the existing box base we have here, add legs, and create my own version of drawers using pre-made drawers or similar type vessel on castors. Two issues: Finding legs high enough (and sturdy enough) and finding the right shaped drawers.

My oracle, Google, is not complying with this vision of mine so it might require an actual excursion out of the house to research – NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Or something like this, from Target. Sadly it gets terrible reviews, but it sounds like the extra length allows for a headboard. Which I’m not ready to commit to buying yet.

6-leg bed frame from Target, $71.99. I like the industrial feel of this one, and the extra support under the box frame. Shame about the horrible reviews, Target!

For now, I’m going to fantasise care of these lovely sources of inspiration… Any other brilliant ideas are welcome!

Apartment Therapy

Design Sponge

The Design Files

Sous Style by Pippa

A Detailed House

and a little, gorgeous aesthetic inspiration from Charming Trinity (LOVE this concept!)

More bedroom shenanigans to come… when the h gets paid 🙂



PS – Also found these – which I really like – AND IKEA WILL DELIVER TO ME..

IKEA Hemnes Nightstand – $69.99 ea – thoguht it was a good compromise for my taste and the h – who prefers ultra modern – and me who prefers “fell off the back of grandma’s moving truck”. How amazing does the wood clad effect on the walls look by the way!


One Comment on “Storage solutions for small bedrooms”

  1. Rhiannon says:

    I love the Hemnes nigh stands! I bought the chunkier bedside tables though so that my husbands belongings (as well as my own I suppose) are not out on display. He’s messy enough as it is & doesn’t have trendy decorator items in his bedside! Also needing to fill my built-in wardrobes post-renovation which I believe Ikea will also be assisting me with. When we have money. Good luck with your storage solutions!

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