STOP PRESS: Citi Bike Share Scheme launching in NYC

I had to do a special announcement for this as it’s potentially the ultimate solution to my transportation woes AND lack of structured exercise.

Okay, so I am actually figuring out the subway system now (two weeks in) and it’s not at all bad – so far. I know, I know, New Yorkers will be shaking their heads but for me it has been surprisingly clean, reliable, and safe.

But in this glorious weather there is something to be said for riding a bicycle, in the immortal words of Queen “Fat bottomed girls..” I mean, I WANT TO RIDE MY BICYCLE, I WANT TO RIDE IT WHERE I LIKE.

Now that it’s July, Citibank (my bank, incidentally, because of course I am with the cool guys) have shelled out $41m to help launch a velo scheme for New York much like those I’ve seen in other forward-thinking cities of the world. You can read a little more about it at the Citibank branded page, or the NYC Bike Share page.

Why do I like this so much?

1 – because I like sharing. I think it’s crazy we all buy one of each thing, just for ourselves, and the idea of the masses of objects being manufactured, then gathering dust in cupboards and storage sheds, its just ick. (OK I’m on a high and feeling a little superior because I am living out of a suitcase, but it is nice.. I forgot how nice.. I hope I don’t sink back into my weak ways) Ownership is so old fashioned, man. You can’t own anyone, and you don’t own anything, no matter how much you paid for it. Enjoy experiencing it by all means, while you can – but it’s just stuff. That’s why the book sharers and the op shops and the vegan recycling networks have my utmost respect. It’s harder, you have to let go of control, but you are doing some good. Rare.

2 – It’s not just for Manhattanites – there’s a bike station planned a few blocks from home, which means I can borrow a bike and easily ride to my friends’ place in Greenpoint, or go feel dowdy on hipster-ville Bushwick Ave, or simply enjoy the summer air whipping my clothes around.

3 – It’s affordable, a loan up to 45 minutes is covered under whichever access period you register for. I’m thinking the annual pass is reasonable – at $95, even if I don’t use it during winter (obvious reasons – not sure snow and bicycles quite go together) but if you go over, they do charge overtime. I can’t see myself wanting to ride more than 45 minutes in one go anyhow, unless I was trying to do a round trip, rather than a one-way.

There are a series of launch events for the bike share scheme in the next couple of weeks, and I can’t find a firm date for when I can start using these babies, but I will be onto this like butter on toast… you watch!


What the dogs think I’ll look like

What I think I’ll look like

What I’ll actually look like


One Comment on “STOP PRESS: Citi Bike Share Scheme launching in NYC”

  1. This may be the most cogent argument for Communism I have ever read.

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