Furnishing the Void on the Sabbath

Today’s Sunday, the day I get serenaded by gospel from the backyard (sadly it’s somewhat quiet today), and also the one day this week I chose to rest or “do nothing”.

Those that know me well know that will never happen (it took hospital to render me immobile and offline for even a small period of time – I think I lasted 3 days) and besides, I outsourced the relaxing years ago – to the H, and he does a marvellous job at it.

Yep, he’s at his usual station, lying belly down on the bed watching some TV show on his MacBook.

But I am staying confined to the house because I am trying to conserve energy to “get well” so I thought today as good a day as ever to plan the furniture floorplan for our home.

As I’ve pottered around the space over the last – wow almost 2 weeks – I have imagined the things I need involuntarily – objects pop up as if ghosts around me – “ah, that’s what I need to put this cup on”, “oh, I would sit there while I take this call.” Actually that sounds far more benign than some of the things that have flashed through my head, but let’s pretend – it’s the Sabbath after all – that I am a lady of gentle temperament and discriminating tastes.

The Plan.

For those who missed it, here’s the floor plan.

I am toying around with two ideas. Firstly, to use the break out space between the kitchen and bedroom as a dining area. Like so:

Option A. Note how excellently I taped the floor in the shape of a table. The H doesn’t appreciate it but I did think it was rather clever.

And the other, to create a reading/writing nook. Pretty self-indulgent, which is why I actually didn’t really consider it at first, but thankfully H hates the idea of the dining table being in the way as he saunters from the kitchen to bedroom.

Ooh hello. Fancy a cup of tea in my reading nook? Oh yes please. Mm delightful. PS – The X marks the spot for a coffee table. The wall needs to be filled with shelves of amazing books and art.

The only problem with option two is it means a dining area needs to be created in the large, wonderfully open space, somehow, and mostly it seems it has to be by cornering out a “living space” with the two sofas, effectively splitting the space into two. I’m not 100% keen on this idea. In fact I was considering us never entertaining, just to avoid this situation. Seriously. But then realised we do need somewhere to eat dinner too. Plus I could use the table to write/sew/draw/accumulate bills and unopened mail.

More masterful masking tape skills. Memphis insisted on being in this photo, and the next one. He makes a cute model. Ignore the box – that would be a side table, ideally.

The dark side. Not really dark in real life but an irritating by-product of shooting into the window. You can see the mark up for the sofas on the left, to the right is the corner/wall the TV(?) will eventually go on.

In the spirit of compromise (actually so I can have it all including the reading nook I have always wanted as well as a sewing workbench I MEAN dining table) I am going to work with my concerns as a guideline to keep the space looking as open as possible. My eyes tell me:

– Don’t let the table compete with the sofas as they’re dark – I think something lighter in colour would be better than everything being dark (my favourite colour for furnishings but way too heavy looking). Not sure it needs to be white, though. I don’t want the space looking high-contrast, and modern, because it has the potential to look quite cold and empty

– Any shelves or bookcases etc that we get are going to need to be white, I think, to keep the walls from looking like they’re coming in

– The coffee table/s need to be glass to keep the smaller lounge space open visually

– I need to find some floor lamps so I can light the different areas individually rather than always using the overhead bulbs

– I also really want to change the curtains, I’ve tied them up so the dogs don’t touch them before I put them away and replace with something nicer. I also thought of extending the top rail right along the length of the wall to create the illusion of windows all the way across. May be a little ambitious, plus I would have to make/get made but I am tempted, I think it would look stunning.

– I need a freaking amazing reading chair for my reading nook!!!!

So I’m going to do some more writing now, then Pinning for inspiration later.. If you’re on Pinterest and want to look me up I’m right here. It’s nice to spend the day dreaming.

Later lovelies. X


One Comment on “Furnishing the Void on the Sabbath”

  1. Jenene Ellis says:

    You could always fly Auntie Rose over to give you few tips lol ! Im sure she’d love that !

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