Free Cookies, Free Allen Key – Good Day!

Today’s main task was to make it to the dog‘s new vet – Greenpoint Veterinary Hospital – in time for their appointment. They both had to have rabies vaccines (Australia – being an island – has managed to stay out of the rabies palaver) so I could get their NYC registration put through.

Seeing as today is stinking hot I abandoned my plan to brave the 30 minute walk down Leonard Street and called a town car SUV instead. The dogs seem to have no memory of the crates they flew here in being a bad thing so I piled them both into one of them and they rode in the back.

Back story – Memphis gets car sick – dog spew on the back seat was something I was not prepared to deal with today.


The waiting room. Memphis wants to know what the frick we are waiting for, Pepe is doing his usual freaked out vibe.



As far as vet clinics go the waiting room was lovely and very welcoming for humans. Not so much room for the animals but then most of them seemed to arrive in crates any way. The dogs were pretty happy to be released from their plastic prison and allowed to sniff a woman in the waiting room. Thankfully she didn’t object to having her calf licked by a very forward Memphis.


Hey lady. You want me to lick it again?


I’m not with him. He’s not with me. I have never. met. him. in. my. life.

They also had a really cute sign on the door to the surgical rooms which I loved. I think we need one for our front door.


Rough translation: Beware, weird dog. Yep, that about sums it up.

I’ll save you the boring detail because really, nobody wants to hear about my fur babies and how healthy they are, or their idiosyncracies, because everyone knows that it’s only real babies that you’re supposed to gush about and expect to have people pretend to listen to.

Bahahahahahahaha. I’ll say what I want because it’s my blog. The dogs are excellent. They don’t have heartworm (must be common here – they insisted on checking), and Memphis had to be swaddled like a baby so they could hold him still enough to cut his claws – and he howled and howled which if you’ve heard him howl is hilarious. Like, I mean, he really thinks he’s a real dog. Hahahaha.


Mean mommy – waited in the waiting room, ate the free, freshly baked cookies and coffee that was on offer, laughed at Memphis’ dramatic howling.


I also noted with interest the clinic’s annual contest: “They swallowed what?” – last year’s grand prize winner swallowed 9 handballs without anybody knowing they were there! HILARIOUS! Sadly, the prize is not free surgery.

We made it home in one piece, think I got mildly ripped off by the towncar who insisted the fare was $12, not $8 (I paid $8 on my way there.. and it’s literally down one street.. but I wasn’t keen on arguing with an angry, flustered Puerto Rican for the sake of $4.) The UPS van was out the front and I wondered if Mr Postman had anything for me?

Of course he did!

The saddle stools I ordered last week finally arrived! Of course, I failed to really look closely at what was going to be involved – and this is when I realise I have to assemble….



The instructions actually offer a delightful experience, and I can’t quite believe what they’ve put in the instructions so I thought I’d better take a picture so you can read for yourself. Clearly they have never tried to assemble flat packed furniture with my husband.


Whatever drugs they are on, I want some. FREE ALLEN KEY – F$%K YEAH!

While it wasn’t a fun project (there was probably a bit more huffing and puffing than was reasonably required to put it together but I did it MYSELF) it was certainly rewarding to finish and …. they are perfect!


Loving myself just a little right now…

They do look short here but I didn’t want really high stools. Firstly because I like to be able to reach the floor, secondly because I wanted to be able to use the breakfast bar as a bench space for the MacBook if necessary – which it does quite well for me at this height. Also the vinyl which I was worried was going to look cheap actually is lovely and bright white (not off white like it seems to be in the image) and is a reasonable attempt at faux-leather.

So, I look at my watch and realise it’s 4pm and I haven’t eaten so I rustled up some Trader Joe’s.. ahem.. Trader Giotto’s ravioli with a quick salad, hoof it down and get down to writing this.


Clever. Trader Joe’s goes Italian. For the record – delicious. Love the tang of the goat’s cheese.

And that, my dear readers, was that. Tonight I’m off to Alex & Fleur’s to catch up – haven’t seen Mr Bodman in over 2 years! Scary to think how quickly time flies.

Until tomorrow –

Arrivederci x


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