The Slope, The Sofas – Success!

SO today was all about the sofa.

I wanted to get a sofa that H would like – because if he doesn’t he tends to lie in bed when he gets home and it’s kind of annoying.

In that “where’s my shirt – right there/can’t you ever wear shoes/gets on your nerves after years of living together/I may stab you to death with a teaspoon one day” kind of way.

So the dream is – really – to have a sofa area that will be a bit of a refuge from the storms of the day. Somewhere nice to rest. Somewhere maybe a bit like this?


I found this inspiration on Pinterest but seeing as they never credited the source, I can’t cite it. Let it be known that I would if I could.

So i found a one year old leather sofa on Craigslist – actually 2 x sofas, and went to see the lovely Samantha who owns them all the way over in Parkslope – a rather attractive end of Brooklyn that has rather fancy schmancy stores.

I saw these things on the way:

Town Car.jpg

The interior of Jimmy’s town car SUV. Aussies – a town car is like a really clean, nice privately owned taxi that has a set price – the town car ride that cost me $16 today would have easily cost me $45 in Sydney.


Buses going down a slope. There were four. I was too slow to turn my iPhone sideways.


My first glimpse of the STATUE OF LIBERTY!!! Far left for those in the back.


The Brooklyn Casket Co. Not sure I need to see again but liked the eeriness of the guy in the window.


Beautiful, leafy Parkslope. Reminded me of Woollahra.

And finally, when I got to Samantha’s place, I saw these two beauties:


Love me some LEATHER

They have a soft, deep seat that is pleasant to linger on. I didn’t but I did love the moment I spent on it awkwardly trying not to acknowledge the fact it was now up to my butt (does anyone else find that a bit weird? Oh, do I want it? Lets see what my butt has to say about it”) but that’s what the H asked for – for me to test it out.

For the record, Samantha was a rather lovely Irish girl, and nothing like Samantha from Sex and the City, though I suppose if she was a raging hornbag I probably wouldnt know.

Unless that invitation to have a cup of tea meant she wanted something more than just tea?



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