Just the essentials.. wait.. what are they?

It’s a tricky business moving countries.

As I wrote about previously I have been suffering from a very sore bottom due to a lack of appropriate surfaces to sit on.

Over the past week I have put together a hit-list of essential day to day items, based on the following criteria:


1. It can not be MacGyvered ie. there is no suitable substitute for the task, not even if MacGyver himself was there to help you (children – if you do not understand this reference all you must know is he had great hair, and could make a bomb out of a paperclip in every episode -pictured, above. Rad, right?).

2. You are either shy of social scenarios or even rejected from them as a result of not having access to the item


3. You are living on delicious Brooklyn Mac because you don’t have the ability or inclination to make food for yourself with what’s on hand

4. You can’t stop telling everyone about your sore bottom (also somewhat covered by point 2)

The list of essential items is growing as my patience expires but so far it includes:

– a chair

– a cutting surface and knife (if you’re not going totally zen buddhist monk then a paring knife AND a larger knife is handy)

– a hair dryer, brush, and detangling comb (is it just me who cannot live without one of these?)

– a vessel to drink out of – a mug is good for hot and cold but we were dumb and got plastic cups so no tea for me

– something to boil water in. Nope don’t have that yet either.

– a bed. But we already had that, so I didn’t put it at the top of the list. But it’s really quite important.

I’ll come back and add to this as I get more fed up/as time goes along.

Looking at this list, I think even hobos have it more together than we do right now! Hahaha.

Love, me.


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