Just the essentials.. wait.. what are they?

It’s a tricky business moving countries.

As I wrote about previously I have been suffering from a very sore bottom due to a lack of appropriate surfaces to sit on.

Over the past week I have put together a hit-list of essential day to day items, based on the following criteria:


1. It can not be MacGyvered ie. there is no suitable substitute for the task, not even if MacGyver himself was there to help you (children – if you do not understand this reference all you must know is he had great hair, and could make a bomb out of a paperclip in every episode -pictured, above. Rad, right?).

2. You are either shy of social scenarios or even rejected from them as a result of not having access to the item


3. You are living on delicious Brooklyn Mac because you don’t have the ability or inclination to make food for yourself with what’s on hand

4. You can’t stop telling everyone about your sore bottom (also somewhat covered by point 2)

The list of essential items is growing as my patience expires but so far it includes:

– a chair

– a cutting surface and knife (if you’re not going totally zen buddhist monk then a paring knife AND a larger knife is handy)

– a hair dryer, brush, and detangling comb (is it just me who cannot live without one of these?)

– a vessel to drink out of – a mug is good for hot and cold but we were dumb and got plastic cups so no tea for me

– something to boil water in. Nope don’t have that yet either.

– a bed. But we already had that, so I didn’t put it at the top of the list. But it’s really quite important.

I’ll come back and add to this as I get more fed up/as time goes along.

Looking at this list, I think even hobos have it more together than we do right now! Hahaha.

Love, me.


STOP PRESS: Urgent fashion-related post

So my sweet friend Ellen tagged me in a post on Facebook today and seeing as it wasn’t her post I wondered what marketing palaver I was being suckered in to.


Introducing Everlane. The concept is simple – designer brands are marked up at each point of the process. It’s a necessary evil in the fashion industry – but the US brand is turning the tide in its favour with some very clever marketing messages.

A little about them in their own words (from their Facebook about page):

” We Create Luxury Essentials For Under $100.

It’s a fact: Your $120 designer shirt sells for 8 times what it cost to make.

Not at Everlane.We’ve set out to challenge the system and offer designer-quality essentials at great and honest prices. No tricks. No middlemen taking their cut. No crazy brand markups. Just a new collection of essentials launched each month at half the typical cost. No exceptions.”

For a very clever presentation of the brand concept check out their website: http://www.everlane.com (NB – you will have to login with your Facebook to view it).

They seem to be focussed for now on essentials – starting with the essential designer tee. I’m as much a fan of a great tee as anyone (blazer, tee, pants, DONE) especially in the right fabric with the right cut. So they’ve created this beauty (The Women’s V) which I am 99.9999999% sure I will own by the end of this week:

I just met you but I think I love you. The Everlane women’s essential v – $15

They’re made in LA, and this week they have a pop-up shop in NY and launch event which I have RSVPd to. I just have to work up the nerve to go! Why? I am seriously crushing on this company.. it’s exactly what I’m into.. professionally and as a shopper.


The blank canvas

Having arrived a full month ahead of me to start his job whilst I wrapped up hubby found us this little beauty in the gradually gentrifying (is that a word?) but still slightly grungy end of Williamsburg.

Yes, it’s a (how shall I say), lively end of the neighbourhood but we have a terrific newly renovated warehouse apartment with huge ceilings and a backyard so… whatever. I am also loving the baptist church two doors down that has serenaded me with gospel all day today. (Note – this task has been taken over by a female opera singer in another residence this evening. Loving it!)

This is what we’re starting with here kids.

The floorplan. As you can see there’s a large open space in the middle and stairs (top left) head down to our little garden/courtyard area. The square area in front of the balcony is where we look down on our lovely neighbour’s yard. We’re lucky, they’re lovely, or it could have been awkward!

Right now there is literally NO furniture in the main area. In the bedroom we have a bed – obviously essential and bought by hubby from IKEA before I got here. It’s not very exciting so I’m not going to show you.

The lofted ceilings and polished cement floors are beautiful, so I’m looking forward to decorating 🙂

The hardest thing to deal with right now is the absence of anywhere suitable to sit – especially to blog! Hubby is fine to lie in bed all day but I hate it. So I’ve been repurposing a few “found” items:

Excellent desk set up.. until your bottom goes numb

I think based on this predicament the first thing to do is buy some alternative seating. Sofa seems like an expensive and difficult decision to make first off so I decided to purchase some (padded) stools for the breakfast bar/counter you can see behind my fancy desk pictured above. I found these gorgeous stools on West Elm – and loved them – AND THEY WERE ON SALE. Put them in my shopping cart (thought I’d better ask hubby before buying) only to return an hour later and they were sold out 😦

NOTE TO SELF: Don’t ask husband’s permission. Just buy next time.

I decided, in desperation, to get these instead. They go against my primary philosophy in buying homewares (I find vinyl cheap and cheerful – I know it’s snobby) but thought at least the white wouldn’t add visual clutter to the beautiful open space.

Nova White Saddle Cushioned Seat 24-inch Barstools from overstock.com

So that’s the first major furniture purchase done with. In 5-7 days we will have stools. Until then, my sore bottom says hello, goodbye, and thanks for stopping by.

Can I get an Amen, and a Hallelujah.