The why and wherefore and whatever…

Good morning, or evening Sir/Madam,

As you may or may not know (depending on how you found this) this is a blog written by a 31 year old female (not sure if I’m considered a girl or a woman. It is a recent predicament that I feel uncomfortable with either) who just moved from Sydney, Australia to THE BIG APPLENew York.

That’s why This is A for Apple but A can also stand for Adriana, Amazing, Awesome… you get the general idea.

Beloved family and friends, who I presume will be my only audience, let me tell you what marvellous adventures you’re in for.

I will be furnishing a renovated warehouse apartment from completely bare to fully furnished on a very finite budget. Probably not a huge problem for most but I’m an aesthete (different from an asshat – but only sometimes) with particular tastes, married to a creative type with sometimes opposite, particular tastes.

At some point I may or may not attempt to rejoin the working classes, depending on how US beaurocracy and I get along. Will keep you posted on the process. I’m told it takes 3 months to get my authority to work permit. But if I can get an unpaid internship (if it’s legal – disclaimer alert) I suppose I’ll tell you about it too.

I have a PR background, which means I like to talk a lot, and will sometimes sound a bit like a wanker* (I’m not sure you have this term in the US. If not, click here for a definition). I’m also more than a little obsessed with fashion and lifestyle brands, and social media – so my choice of career (or, I should say, the career that chose me) is very satisfying.

So to recap – here’s my blog. It’s mainly because of Nikki Parkinson (lovely blogger at Styling You who insisted I blog my way through this mess like all adventurous women do), but also mum and a couple of other people who like to listen to me ramble, for their own special reasons.

Mum, stop crying. The airport’s only an hour away.




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