Let’s backtrack… and how to pack

Just to fill in some of the blanks (for those of you who just joined us).

In case you are one of the 6,840,506,453 people in the world who aren’t following my Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest (because you have a life, or whatever your excuse is) I thought I would give you a little run down of the narrative thus far.

My husband works in advertising and has had what I call a soul calling to New York since he was a young man. I think he also fancies himself slightly as a Don Draper type.

The delicious Jon Hamm as Donald Draper in HBO series Mad Men.
Nope, husband looks nothing like this.

So after much ado he scored himself a job, a visa, and the dogs and I were invited to come along.

As I was fortunate enough to have been invited I decided to go ahead with it. You see, it’s not every day you get told you can move to the setting of every worthwhile television show you’ve ever watched and secretly I suspected I was sucking at the babies and picket fence timeline, being in my early 30s and not quite anywhere near close.

Thing is I’ve never been to NY before.

Packing for a trip when you’re not quite sure what the weather will be like or if there’s a “fine dining” establishment with a dress code is one thing. But when you’re not sure what your world is going to be like…

Well. I took it upon myself to be quite zen about it all and denounced many of my earthly possessions, and around 8 garbage bags worth shuffled off to the Salvos bin* (US residents – that is Aussie for Good Will.


Thinking I am winning, packing cute outfits I imagine I will wear strolling in Central Park.

59kg of luggage later and I still filled at least 1 1/2 cupboards at my mother-in-law’s which I will retrieve some time in the future. I think.

Anyway, the point of the story is, boys and girls, I learnt how to edit my life. I already knew how, but now I really know how because I did it, and sucked at it, and we all know that’s how you really learn things. Not by listening to how people tell you to do it. So I will tell you, you will ignore it, and the rich tapestry of life will keep turning on its axis or whatever the saying is.

How to edit your wardrobe and all earthly possessions.

1. Throw out anything that doesn’t work, is missing a button or screw, or has a hole in it. That goes for people too. If it doesn’t serve you now it’s probably not going to work any better on the other side of the world, and you’re not going to have the time or inclination to fix it if you haven’t already.

2. If it doesn’t fit, or isn’t your style anymore but is good quality – by all means give what you can to charity but keep the nice things for your friends or family. I can’t make this any more interesting with a quasi-philosophical insight but I can tell you they will appreciate it. And that’s all that matters. Important – don’t pass on things that are out of style or were never in style because later, when they realise you passed on your fashion STI they will hate you.

3. Don’t bother keeping anything that’s made of artificial fibres – and that goes for shoes as well. You can get your cheap fashion fix on anywhere, any time. Well I’m counting on it and besides, who wants to pay excess luggage for your collection of $5 tank tops *looks at ceiling and whistles*.

4. Don’t leave things to the last minute. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

..and if/when all else fails….

5. Make nice with family members and get them to hoard your stuff for you while you figure out what to do with it. Just, make nice.

Any other tips you’d like to add?


The why and wherefore and whatever…

Good morning, or evening Sir/Madam,

As you may or may not know (depending on how you found this) this is a blog written by a 31 year old female (not sure if I’m considered a girl or a woman. It is a recent predicament that I feel uncomfortable with either) who just moved from Sydney, Australia to THE BIG APPLENew York.

That’s why This is A for Apple but A can also stand for Adriana, Amazing, Awesome… you get the general idea.

Beloved family and friends, who I presume will be my only audience, let me tell you what marvellous adventures you’re in for.

I will be furnishing a renovated warehouse apartment from completely bare to fully furnished on a very finite budget. Probably not a huge problem for most but I’m an aesthete (different from an asshat – but only sometimes) with particular tastes, married to a creative type with sometimes opposite, particular tastes.

At some point I may or may not attempt to rejoin the working classes, depending on how US beaurocracy and I get along. Will keep you posted on the process. I’m told it takes 3 months to get my authority to work permit. But if I can get an unpaid internship (if it’s legal – disclaimer alert) I suppose I’ll tell you about it too.

I have a PR background, which means I like to talk a lot, and will sometimes sound a bit like a wanker* (I’m not sure you have this term in the US. If not, click here for a definition). I’m also more than a little obsessed with fashion and lifestyle brands, and social media – so my choice of career (or, I should say, the career that chose me) is very satisfying.

So to recap – here’s my blog. It’s mainly because of Nikki Parkinson (lovely blogger at Styling You who insisted I blog my way through this mess like all adventurous women do), but also mum and a couple of other people who like to listen to me ramble, for their own special reasons.

Mum, stop crying. The airport’s only an hour away.